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How To Clean Your Lash Extensions

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Cleaning your lash extensions helps them last longer and look even more beautiful than the day you got them! And no, washing them will not cause them to fall off prematurely. However, you should avoid water for the first 24 hours after application.

Amea May shows us how to clean lash extensions:


Cleanse your lashes like you do your face

Cleansing your lashes is critical to keeping them in the best condition. If you don't cleanse regularly, or correctly, you could be susceptible to infections, irritations, stunted lash growth/overall health, and lash mites. We recommend cleansing them 2 to 3 times per week or every night if you're a regular eye makeup wearer.

But they don't look dirty?

On the preface they probably look fine, but dead skin cells, dirt, makeup, and oil can build up fairly quickly. This build up can essentially eat away at your lash extension's glue bond and weaken it as a result.

Avoid mascara & oily products

Mascara can cause poor adhesion and lash loss, and we highly don't recommend. After all, you are paying to have lash extensions so you don't need mascara anymore! We also don't recommend using makeup remover wipers or any cleansers, moisturizers, or eye creams that contain oils that you apply near your eye area.

You pay a lot of money for these, so take good care!

Products we recommend

  • LashBox Bubble Lash Shampoo*

  • LashBox Fluff Guard Cleanser*

  • Mascara brush for cleaning

  • Q-tips for cleaning (optional)

*Visit spa to purchase

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