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Mani's and Pedi's


Add some glam to your hands!

  • Regular polish, $40 + GST

  • Gel polish, $55 + GST

This service includes:
- Filing
- Cuticle work
- Hand Cream
- Polish

A little bit of regular maintenance is all you need for flawless, brilliant nails.


Your toes and feet deserve some pampering too!

  • Hygienic Pedicure - $57 + GST

  • Shellac Pedicure - $75 + GST

Shellac Removal

$20 + GST

Safe and careful gel removal ensures the health of your nail bed and prepares your nails for another manicure. 

First, we use a filing tool to remove the top layer of the gel, next the nails are soaked in acetone. After that, we remove any excess and return your nails to the acetone bath for additional time if necessary.


Any stubborn nail bits of gel that remain are carefully buffed off. 

You can decide what to do next with your fresh clean palette of nails!

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